sobota, 13 listopada 2010

Random stuff. Getting my feet wet.

 I wonder if everyone has the same kind of trouble as I do when it comes to sitting down and actually writing something relevant. Seems like the great God of Procrastination himself lowers his gaze on me every single time I try. The fucker. Doesn't he have anything better to do?
Oh, right.
  Anyway. It's been a short day. You know the type. When you get up late, and then rush through everything you had to do and still end up doing far less then you intended, while doing a whole shitload of things you never meant to do? And then its nighttime? And you just KNOW you're going to bed late, and wake up late the next day AGAIN? Yep.
 This whole procrastination thing gets me thinking. How much time do I waste on irrelevant shit? How many hours of my already too short life do I spend on mindless distractions?

Fuck it, lets see.

24h a day

9 hours sleep
2 hours at work (yay me!)
the rest?
1 hour exercise
that leaves 12
about an hour making phone calls
about 2-4 hours with my gf, but not everyday
the rest is just surfing the net, looking for lolcats, or reading. 8-10 hours a day


I really need to get a grip.

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