środa, 17 listopada 2010

Election time.

 Its election time in my country. That means everywhere you look you see even more ugly faces then usual. Its like grimmemennesker's website on every street corner. The only difference is, some of those on the page look like they might actually be trustworthy.

 Of course, its the same whorefest like four years before, and four years before that. The would- be politicians use everything and anything that their targeted base cares about. This time, they try to exploit peoples disgust and repulsion of politics itself. People are understandably sick and tired off all the bullshit. So get this, the ruling parties slogan for this campaign is something along the lines of: "Building a better future for your city. Away from politics".

 And people swallow it up.

 I can't wait for the inevitable outrage when the winners of the election fail to deliver on their promises. Seriously, we've had twenty years of democracy. You'd think by now SOME people would see through this bullshit scheme.
 Of course, America, and much of the rest of Europe had almost two hundred years and they still buy into this, so I guess I shouldnt be surprised.

4 komentarze:

  1. Exactly my thought, had election in my country a couple of months ago.

  2. well i have the feeling that the politicians always fail to deliver their promises - so i dont believe a word of them

  3. man it was just election time a few weeks ago here in the states and it gets to be like a circus

  4. It's awesome you like Gentle Giant. Are you going to vote?